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Call Us Today!
(919) 929-1185


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Gina Paschall - Owner/Operator
If you've bought used tires from anyone in all of Eastern North Carolina over the last 20 years, there is a good chance that our owner, Gina Paschall, lugged them around! Gina started used tire distribution in the area, before there was really a used tire industry to speak of!
Her contacts in used tire acquisition remain superb and we carry the best used tires around! We have the widest selection, lowest prices, best tires, most knowledgable staff, and helpful service!
That's right. We are a woman owned tire shop. We really care about our customers, you can trust us, and you will get the best price and the tire that is right for you. At the same time, we really know what we're doing. With a combined 30 years plus in the industry, we are experts in the field.
We also understand that sometimes you just want New Tires. We can get any tire brand, any size, and usually for less that what anyone else can sell it to you for. We also carry a complete line of low priced, but high quality, new tires.  Some for as low as $49 per tire, installed!
Come on in for a visit and see why we are more than just a "tire shop"... We are the best choice for Tires in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill!

Kathy Bolte - Chief Tire Master!

Bio to come!
Triangle Tires - The Pit Crew! Working Hard!

The Pit Crew working hard!

Brutus and Buster,  Welcoming Committee!
These are two of THE MOST loveable pups you've ever seen! Come on by and say hi!
But...maybe wait till they wake up to say hi...otherwise....well, they just won't hear you...
Sofie and Topper, our other mascots,
don't make the trip into the store that often anymore. Can you tell they miss coming? Look at those alert ears! Where y'all going?! And why aren't we??
Rosie the Riveter perfectly sums up our philosophy...We Can Do It!
Rosie the Riveter perfectly sums up our philosophy...We Can Do It!